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Our Solutions

Corporate HR, L&D teams, working professional and students visit for their training/certification needs. By listing your offerings in the portal, you get more visibility and bookings.

We offer the following 2 types of solutions:

  1. Marketing Solution
  2. Payment Solution

Marketing Solution: If you are looking for creating visibility and generating enquiries to your program offerings, you can take up the Marketing Solution. There are different marketing plans available and you can choose the one that suits you.

Payment Solution: If you are looking for collecting Online payments from your participants, you can benefit from the Payment Gateway services we offer. Online payments can be collected using wide range of Credit / Debit cards, Internet Banking from a number of Banks, Mobile cards, Cash Cards, International cards, payments in INR, USD, AED, LKR, EURO. You can also benefit from the EMI options we offer on various cards.




  • More Corporate companies and Working Professionals

  • More Cities & Countries

  • More Sectors/Industries


  • Detailed program listings in relevant site sections

  • Visibility through banners and mailers to HR and generic audience

  • Genuine enquiries

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Corporate Nominations

  • Direct Bookings
  • Increased Revenue

  • Reports & insights on lead traffic

  • To participate in Corporate (B2B) opportunities


 If you are interested, or have any questions, please feel free to call/whats app  Aruna (+91 98863 78871) or send an e-mail to