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Case Studies

Case Study 1:
How Bookmytrainings supported a telecom major based out of Bhopal when the Senior Manager - L&D wanted to organize a unique Leadership Program for their senior management.
Client : Telecom major based out of Bhopal
Client contact: Senior Manager – L&D
Objective: To organize a unique Leadership Program for their middle management that helps them to scale their operations and grow their network
Problem Definition : While the training requirement was clear, it was not clear what kind of a leadership program need to be conducted. So the client reached to for support.
Bookmytrainings Solution: Bookmytrainings conducted an extensive TNA with the client and analysed the requirement in a more holistic view. Based on the same, a unique training program called “Leadership through art of story-telling” was planned for the client.
The training was customized in order to address the challenges for the middle management and delivered in a fashion that would be easy to understand and apply. We worked out a training schedule between the facilitator, who was flown from Delhi to Bhopal and the participants who travelled from 3 different states around M.P. The training was delivered successfully. Excellent feedback was received from the participants and also from L&D team.


Case Study 2:
How Bookmytrainings supported a leader of Fashion & Lifestyle Companyto organize a practical hands on Microsoft Excel Modelling workshop to coach their employees.
Client : Leader of Fashion & Lifestyle organization based out of Bangalore
Client contact: Manager - L&D
Objective: To plan an Excel Modelling program that gives immediate results
Problem Definition : Regular class room programs of 2 days of teaching will pass on the concepts and helps the participants learn the topic. But to ensure immediate results, something else was to be done.
Bookmytrainings Solution: Bookmytrainings worked closely with the L&D manager to design the training program such a way that instead of 2 full days of training, 4 half days of “Hand Holding” sessions were planned. Finally a ½ day to recap and clarify doubts from their application on day to day work.
Prior to each handholding session, the trainer would meet the participants and finalize the topics for each hand-holding session. He would teach them and let them do their “actual work” using these new topics. Then he would help clear doubts and make the applications work. Prior to starting next session after couple days, he would ensure there are no open doubts or issues from the previous session topics. This helped the participants a lot and they actually were able to immediately apply what they learnt. A final ½ day session was conducted to go through everything once again and touch some advanced topics not used today. The client was very happy with this approach.


Case Study 3:
How Bookmytrainings supported a leading IT Development & Consulting company when they wanted to introduce Agile/Scrum methodology to the development teams.
Client : IT Development &Consulting Company based out of Bangalore
Client contact: Manager - L&D
Objective: To introduce Agile/Scrum to their development teams so they can product better software quickly
Problem Definition : Scrum being a relatively new area and there are only a handful of trainers (CST) available in India and overall in the world. To organize Agile/Scrum training, it was important that the same was delivered by a CST who was approved by Scrum Alliance. Also the client required a system to capture employee interests and expectations in order to better customize and organize the program.
Bookmytrainings Solution: : Bookmytrainings brought in a CST through Scrum Alliance to deliver the Certified Scrum Master training to client @ the best possible rates. Along with that, a web application was developed specifically for the client so their employees could register themselves and provide details of their expectations from the course. This helped the L&D team to plan the batches and group the employees effectively and conduct the training.


Case Study 4:
How a technical advanced Java J2EE training was organized within 12 hours to a global pharmaceutical and life sciences company
Client : Global pharmaceutical and life sciences Company based out of Bangalore
Client contact: Manager - HR
Objective: To urgently organize advanced Java J2EE training for their employees of a new product unit
Problem Definition : The client wanted to train a set of employees on advanced Java J2EE so they can begin working on a product transition right away. But for various reasons the client could not find a trainer to deliver this at a short notice. So the client reached to for support.
Bookmytrainings Solution: Bookmytrainings identified the right SME (Subject matter expert) within 12 hours and delivered the training starting next day morning.
Bookmytrainings received the request @ 4pm on a Friday. The trainer was identified and the trainer evaluation was done within 2 hours and then helped to customize the training to suit the target audience. All other aspects relating to commercials and logistics were completed by Friday night. The training started on Saturday morning @ 9 am @ client place and went on for 5 days successfully.


Case Study 5:
How Bookmytrainings supported a Cloud based Supply Chain software Company to design and deliver periodic behavioural training for their employees.
Client : Cloud based Supply Chain software organization based out of Bangalore
Client contact: Manager - L&D
Objective: To for periodic Business Communication skills training for their employees
Problem Definition : Such training programs were being conducted 1st time by the client and the L&D manager wanted to ensure each program builds up from the feedback from previous program and hence a best customized training module can be developed for their company. So the client reached to for support.
Bookmytrainings Solution: Bookmytrainings worked closely with the L&D manager to design the training program including pre analysis and post follow-up sessions with the audience to evaluate the impact better and continue the customization until we get to the most suitable program content.
Prior to the training, the participants attended a 2 hour session where in the facilitator tried to understand the audience and their expectations. The training was then customized and delivered successfully. Post training, after few weeks, a follow up session was conducted to understand how the concepts are being applied and what challenges are being faced. Based on this feedback, the next session was customized and feedbacks incorporated. This continued for about 3 quarters and finally the ‘content’ for Business Communication skills was created for the client and is being used for all future sessions.

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