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The Awards


Feb 2018

Awarded for Innovation in Learning Space @ 5th World Training & Development Congress @ Mumbai.

August 2015

Bookmytrainings was selected as a Finalist for Best in Talent Management under the Spot Light Awards category @ the Tech HR 2015 conference organized by India’s leading HR media house, People Matters @ Gurgaon.


Link to the award notification: Peoplematters Award


September 2014

Bookmytrainings was adjudged the “Most Promising HR Service Provider” @ the NHRDN conference @ Bangalore, organized by national Human Resources Development Network, Bangalore


Link to the award notification: NHRDN Award


August 2014

Bookmytrainings was chosen as one of the Top-100 Best Start-up companies in Asia by RED HERRING team after thorough evaluation of the business mode and potential for scale to grow.

Red heering

Link to the award notification: REDHERRING Award


October 2013

Bookmytrainings was awarded “Innovative HR Product/Solution Portal” at the Talent & OD Conclave in Mumbai organized by Middle Earth HR for the benefits that Bookmytrainings portal brings to HR and L&D community.

middle earth

Link to the award notification: Middle Earth Hr Award