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L&D Contractor Services

Bookmytrainings offers experienced L&D professionals to corporate to augment their existing HR/L&D teams. Given our experience in the training field and our huge understanding of the corporate training industry, our people are well versed with the expectations of the learning function. Having worked with various companies across sectors to organize training programs to achieve best learning outcomes, our people can be a real value add to companies looking to scale their Learning & Training Development teams.

Companies derive the following benefits by engaging Bookmytrainings:

- Quickly scale up by bringing in contractors who come with L&D skills & extensive experience in sourcing

- Reduce cost of average per employee training hour given our ability to optimize the training cost structure

- Able to bring in the right trainer for any complex or niche technologies given the strength of our network of trainers

- Leave the execution of training calendar to experienced hands

Following are the key reasons for having Bookmytrainings as an L&D support partner:

- Largest network of 400+ branded training companies& 1000+ subject matter experts

- Bring in the right expert fairly quickly

- Get the best market rates for training days with best negotiated pricing

- Work out logistics when an outside venue is needed

- Ability to reduce training procurement cycle times


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