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Six Sigma, Lean - Trainings & Certification Courses

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Six Sigma is one of the most successful process improvement methodology prevalent since 1980’s.

Certifications: Most famous 6 sigma certifications are: Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. Other less known  certifications include Yellow Belt and White Belt.

Certifying Body: There is as such no single certifying body for certifications. The company that offers the Training or Consulting for six sigma generally certify in their name. American Society for Quality (ASQ) is generally considered a leading certifying body for Six Sigma though.

Target Audience:  Any working professional who is interested in process improvement, problem solving and quality can get certified..

Eligibility Criteria:
Green Belt Certification(SSGB): None as such however at least 1 year experience is considered good.
Black Belt Certification(SSBB): SSGB certification is a must.
Master Black Belt Certification (SSMBB): SSBB certification is a must.

Certification Process:
SSGB: Attend the training session to learn the concepts and techniques to apply in a practical situation. Own a project (from your own company or given by trainer) and apply the learned 6 sigma techniques to show improvement. Some training companies insist to take an objective type exam.
SSBB: Attend the training sessions that goes deep into the techniques. Must be able to show improvements in a project from one’s workplace by applying the Six Sigma techniques. Some training companies insist to take an exam.
SSMBB: Attend advanced techniques training session. Able to prove successful implementation of multiple Six Sigma projects. Some training companies ask you to take an exam.

Six Sigma Training:
        Generally the training happens for 3-4 days for GB. BB training happens for 4-6 days and MBB training happens for 4-6 days.

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