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Professional Scrum Master ™ (PSM) Training & Certifications in Pune

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Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) Training

Endowing oneself with impeccable understanding and unmatched knowledge in diverse practices and values of Scrum is the most effective way to become an exceptional Scrum Master. Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) appraisals can help the aspirants become adeptly fortified to validate and certify their knowledgebase in order to drive intelligent responses to various taxing circumstances.

Professional Scrum Master is conceived to be a two-day course aiming to extensively cover all the process theories and principles of the Scrum framework together with detailing in depth the role of a certified Scrum Master. The course is an effectual blend of several aspects such as various team-based exercises and instructions that introduce the importance of the Agile and Scrum movement.

Details of the Course

During the training programme, the Scrum mechanics are directly introduced to the aspirants. The aspirants are then elucidated upon to gain various insights into the ways and means that can be used to surmount complexity, drive team collaboration and effective organization. They are given the opportunities to create a software program in Sprints in order to make them effectively meet the taxing real-life scenarios. These training exercises are carefully created to use various Scrum basic principles and provide the aspirants with the necessary insights as to where mistakes and missteps can happen and how to understand the allied-symptoms of the same. Having the prescriptive guidance nature, the program aims to help the participants uphold the Scrum’s health.


PSM I – PSM II-certified aspirants have knowledge in Scrum fundamentals as given in the Scrum Guide and its application and exhibit an exacting way towards Scrum as well as a persistent terminology.

PSM II –PSM II-certified aspirants will be certified and display better Scrum understanding. Professionals with PSM-II certification have deeper knowledge in Scrum principles and can use it in various complex, daily circumstances.


PSM III – PSM III-certified aspirants will have illustrious knowledge of Scrum. With this understanding of various Scrum values and practices, they can effortlessly use it in problematical several team and organizational setups.

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