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Professional Scrum Master ™ (PSM) Training & Certifications in Mumbai

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Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) Training

It is only by fortifying oneself with outstanding knowledge and flawless comprehension of various practices, concepts, techniques and methodologies of Scrum can a professional become an amazing Scrum master. Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) estimations are endowed with the potential to prop up the trainees to proficiently utilize their perspicacity of Scrum framework in an assortment of challenging project development setups and business scenarios. Our training program has been cautiously conceived to proffer the candidates with excellent understanding of the use of various processes, principles and theories of the framework of Scrum.

Apart from this, the training program also aims to present the trainees with a clear depiction of the role of a trained Scrum master in diverse business contexts. It will also equip the professional with all the required insights to effectively execute its processes.

Details of the Course

All the important scrum mechanics are introduced to all the candidates during the program after which the facilitator will explain how it factors into the larger context of software development projects in highly technology-driven businesses. Once the candidates understand the scrum Framework in detail they will be given the opportunity to plan design and develop a software application in Sprints with the intention of helping them get a more effective understanding of utilizing scrum Framework in the real business context


PSM I – PSM I-certified candidates will possess astounding understanding in a variety of Scrum fundamentals as explained by the Scrum guide. The candidates will also have the understanding how it may be effectively used.

PSM II –PSM II-certified candidates will possess astounding understanding of a range of Scrum concepts and be certified in the same. All the certified candidates will also have insightful knowledge of Scrum methodologies and how it may be utilized in a myriad of complex business circumstances.


PSM III – PSM III-certified candidates will have astounding understanding of the entire framework of Scrum. The knowledge they possess about the framework of Scrum will let them effortlessly use their skills to settle varied issues in different team and organizational settings.

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