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Professional Scrum Master ™ (PSM) Training, Certification Courses

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To be an effective Scrum Master, one requires to have an in depth understanding of the various values and practices of Scrum. Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) assessments ensure that candidates are able to certify and validate their knowledge and their responses to certain challenging situations.

PSM is a 2-day course covering principles and process theory of the Scrum framework along with enumerating the role of the Scrum Master. It is a combination of various elements like team-based exercises, instruction that brings out the true essence of the Scrum and Agile movement.

Course details

Participants are introduced to Scrum mechanics, gain insights into how to overcome complexity, team collaboration and organization. They get to work together in Sprints to develop a software application etc so that they are able to deal with real-life problems. These exercises leverage the basic principles of Scrum besides allowing participants to understand the occurrence of misunderstandings and missteps and how to be aware of the associated symptoms. This course helps participants maintain the health of Scrum through its prescriptive guidance.


PSM I – Those who pass this level receive certification and are aware of the fundamentals of Scrum as per what is described in the Scrum Guide and application of Scrum. Those who hold PSM I have a particular approach to Scrum and a consistent terminology.

PSM II – After passing PSM II, they achieve certification and show a higher level of Scrum understanding. PSM II certified professionals have an in depth understanding of the Scrum principles and can apply Scrum in complicated and everyday situations.

PSM III – Those who receive certification, post examination show a distinguished level of Scrum knowledge. Their understanding of Scrum practices and values are of such a level that they are able to deal with complicated organizational and team related issues with ease.

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