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PSM™ Training & Certifications in Bangalore

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Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) Training

Professionals aspiring to become Scrum Masters need to empower themselves with a detailed understanding of the scrum principles. It is important to acquire knowledge on a diverse array of values and practices based on Scrum and integrate the same in the business. The training comes beneficial, when they pilot the business ahead under trying conditions. We have come up with a two-day course on professional Scrum Master training, which will greatly leverage the professional skills of the aspirants. Integrating the Scrum principles in your organizational setup will create a better work-environment and increase your productivity.

The training program encompasses all the principles and theories of the Scrum framework. The professionals will get a clear image of the role, responsibilities and profile of a Scrum master. Professionals undergoing the training will gain a detailed knowledge about different exercises, based on teamwork. The course also covers the practical values of the Agile and Scrum movement.

 The professional Scrum Master training course

 The aspirants will have the opportunity of receiving first-hand training from the Scrum mechanics. They gain valuable skills that enable them to reduce the complexity of business, enhance their collaborative skills and organize the business effectively. The professionals learn how to avoid taking the wrong steps in business and keep the business on the right track.


After the training is over, the aspirants receive three types of certifications. These include PSM I, PSM II and PSM III certifications.

PSM I: PSM I certified candidates possess extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of Scrum and can incorporate the same in business.

 PSM II: These candidates have a better understanding of Scrum and can integrate the same in various complex circumstances in the business.

 PSM III: PSM III certified professionals possess illustrations knowledge on the Scrum principles. They can understand the practices and values of Scrum and solve various complications in business seamlessly.

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