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Professional Scrum Master ™ (PSM) Training & Certifications in Chennai

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Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) Training

Professionals looking forward to leverage their skills as a Scrum master will find our course on Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) Training extremely beneficial. In the highly competitive business space, you need an impeccable understanding of various Scrum values. With our two-day training program, the aspirants can strengthen their professional skills and become more competent in business. We have come up with the much-needed mechanism to leverage their knowledge base, enabling them to make intelligent responses in the professional context.

When you undergo the Professional Scrum Master training course, you will gain extensive knowledge about various principles of the framework. We aim to provide aspirants with a detailed insight of the responsibilities of a Scrum master. The course covers all the process theories of Scrum, focusing on teamwork-oriented exercises.

 What is the course all about?

We introduce the Scrim trainers to the aspirants, who provide them with various insights into strategies, that can enhance the collaboration within the organization. The trainees have the opportunity to create a software program. This presents them with a practical situation, where they need to sort out the complexity of the task and collaborate. The trainers take a note of the mistakes made by the aspirants, providing them with the necessary guidance to stick to the right track.


We provide three types of certifications after the program to the aspirants.

1.       Aspirants certified with PSM I and possess extensive knowledge about the fundamentals of Scrum.

2.       People certified with PSM II possess a much deeper insight into the Scrum principles and they can integrate the same in various complex circumstances in the professional setup.

3.       Aspirants certified with PSM III possess illustrious scrum knowledge. They can seamlessly solve problems in various organizational setups and teams of employees.

 If you are looking forward to create an impact in your business, you may consider undergoing the training.




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