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Professional Scrum Master ™ (PSM) Training & Certifications in Delhi

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Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) Training

The best way to become an ardent scrum master is equip oneself with a wide range of unmatched understanding and impeccable knowledge in practices and concepts of Scrum. Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) assessments can always aid the aspirants to into utilize their knowledgebase in order to draw effective responses to various demanding situations.

This training program is created to help the trainees to develop an in-depth understanding of various principles and process theories of the Scrum framework. Apart from this, the training program also will help the trainees to understand the role of a Scrum Master in detail and how he or she can help the business drive excellent levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Details of the Course

The mechanics of the Scrum are introduced to the aspirants directly during the course of the training program. Later, on the facilitator will explain how the scrum mechanics can be used to ensure excellent levels of team collaboration and effective organization to ensure that the projects are executed in the best ways possible. They will also be given an opportunity to use their understanding of the Scrum framework and create a software program in Sprints so that they can get familiar with carrying out similar activities in similar, taxing real life business setups.


PSM I – PSM I-certified candidates will have excellent discernment in various Scrum fundamentals as elucidated upon by the Scrum guide and how it can be used. They will also exhibit excellent understanding of various Scrum processes and terminologies.

PSM II –PSM II-certified candidates will have excellent understanding of scrum principles and will be certified in the same. All the PSM II-certified candidates will have in-depth understanding of scrum principles and how it can be used in real life daily complex situations


PSM III – PSM III-certified aspirants will have exemplary understanding on knowledge about everything in the Scrum framework. Their understanding of the framework will enable them to effortlessly apply their knowledge and experience to solve various issues in diverse organizational and team environments. 

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