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HR - Psychometric Test Professional - Trainings & Certification Courses in Pune

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Business spaces have become increasingly competitive and aggressive as technology has seeped into the lives of everyone, and every individual has become a potential customer. As such, the performance, attitude, behavioral patterns and skill sets of the employees are the major drive for a business’ success. As a result, there is no doubt that there must be an effective system to assess the attitude and behavioral patterns of the employees and the people being hired. This is where the various psychometric tests become crucial for a business and its success. Realizing this, hordes of businesses have begun using effective psychometric tests during the process of selection.

In the grand scheme of things where employees have a larger role to play in deciding the success of a business, it has become exceptionally imperative to ensure that the candidates not only have the right set of skills but also the right attitude and behavioral patterns. This is very potent to improve the collective performance of the organization, and, for this, the support of a professional with excellent understanding of various psychometric tests is needed.

This is where our intelligently framed HR - Psychometric Test Professional training course can be of excellent value for a business.

Attending the training, the aspirants become;

·         Dexterous in several psychological systems of Freud, Adler and Jung, and how they apply on organizational settings.

·         Proficient in using the internationally acclaimed Thematic Apperception Test as needed.

·         Adept in checking the motives of an individual with the RSI test.

·         Excellent in employing the PSI test, which analyzes a person’s 16 personality styles.

·         Capable in checking is a test administered is effective.

·         Erudite in 2 chief classes of psychometric tests and where such tests may be used.

·         Skilled in using interest/ability tests.


The training is aimed at diverse professionals who assume the roles of HR managers, executives and recruitment professionals along with the top-level officials who frame various personnel policies.


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