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HR - Psychometric Test Professional - Trainings & Certification Courses in Bangalore

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The success of a business firm depends not only on the professional skills of the employees, but also on their soft skills and dedication. The willingness among your employees to shoulder the responsibility to take your business to greater heights enable it to compete in the market. Although contemporary business is largely driven by technology, the loyalty of your employees plays a decisive role in determining its success.

The HR department of your organization needs to be equipped with the right methodology to assess the potentiality of employees, when they screen them for their credibility. Our Psychometric Test program has been designed for the HR professionals of your organization, who can receive advanced skills in filtering the employees. They need to understand the psychology of the employees and assess their willingness to take the business ahead.

Our program revolves around various psychometric tests that are needed to screen the employees for their attitude towards the organization. Hundreds of business firms are integrating psychometric tests in their recruitment process to ensure that the right employees land up on the deck.

 Undergoing the course will make the employees competent in the following ways:

·         Gain a detailed knowledge about the psychological principles of Jung, Freud and Alder and incorporate them in their business.

·         Gain dexterity in integrating the Thematic Apperception Test, which has been internationally accredited.

·         Check out the motives of the applicants through RSI test.

·         Employ the PSI test that can evaluate 16 types of personalities of the applicants.

·         Check out the effectiveness of the test.

·         Gain a seamless understanding about whether to integrate these tests.

·         Acquire skills in using internet in testing the personality of applicants.

Professionals working in the HR segment, recruitment managers, executives and other employees shouldering similar responsibilities will gain substantial benefits from the course. It will leverage your professional skills and benefit the organization you are working in. Professionals undergoing the training will be more adroit in screening the employees during the hiring process.



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