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HR - Psychometric Test Professional - Trainings & Certification Courses in Hyderabad

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Technology has, without any doubt, made business scenarios increasingly competitive and aggressive. It has brought in a situation where businesses have no room for errors and procrastination. Since the efficiency and ability of the business to satisfy its customers is vested largely on the performance of the employees, it is imperative that the businesses hire people who not only have adequate skills and experience needed for the business but also are psychologically suitable to support the growth and goals of the business. As such businesses have become reliant on various psychometric tests to ascertain that the people they hire have the right attitude and behavioral patterns appropriate for the business. Assessing the people being hired by the business using various psychometric tests requires the support of a professional who is adept in various psychometric tests and the execution of the same

Keeping this very important role of psychometric tests, we have resigned a training program incorporating all the important elements to equip the human resource professional with all the insight and skills he or she needs to carry out various psychometric tests.

The candidates attending the training program, at the end of the program, will be able to;

·         Understand several psychological systems and concepts as elucidated upon by such celebrated psychology thinkers as Jung, Adler and Freud.

·         The candidate will also be able to understand how such psychological systems can become relevant in various business setups.

·         Effectively implement the Thematic Apperception Test in various business contexts as and when required.

·         Analyze and assess the motive of the employees by effectively utilizing the PSI test.

·         Assess if all the tests being employed are able to function as intended.

·         Efficiently use various psychometric test including ability/interest tests.

·         Develop incredible understanding of the chief classes of psychometric test and how and when they can be used in a business environment.


The training program is conceived in order to help all junior and senior human resource professionals who would like to improve their skillsets and grow as human resource executive or recruitment professionals and managers.


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