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With the explosion of Technology, business spaces have become exceedingly aggressive and competitive. As such for a business to perform well making the growth they would like to, it is extremely imperative that the skill sets, attitude, behavior patterns along with the performance of the employees must always fall in line with the interest of the business. Hence it has become extremely important for a business to have adequate systems in place to assess the psychological elements of the professionals being hired to the business. This will without any doubt ensure that the business is able to perform as it intends to. As a result psychometric tests have become a crucial element to make sure that the business is hiring the right people.

Understanding the importance of the role that employees have come to play in helping the business reach its vision and business goals, it is not only important for them to have adequate skillsets but also the right attitude and psychological capabilities. Keeping this very important aspect in mind, we have created the psychometric test professional training program to help various recruitment and HR professionals to become adept in various psychometric tests to psychologically evaluate the professionals being recruited.

Any HR professional who attends have a training program will be able to become;

·         Exceptionally knowledgeable in various psychological systems as explained by Jung, Adler and Freud and how each of them will factor into various business settings.

·         Exceptionally proficient in making use of the Thematic Apperception Test as required in different business contexts.

·         Utilize the RSI test to assess and scrutinize the motives of employees.

·         Capable in utilizing various tests such as PSI to analyze a person's personality style.

·         Proficient to understand if the test being employed is effectively administered

·         Develop exceptional understanding of chief classes of psychometric test and the scenarios where they can be effectively utilized

·         Intelligently utilize various ability/interest tests.

This training program has been conceived to help all the professionals who would like to grow in a business setup as HR managers, executives and recruitment professionals.



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