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HR - Psychometric Test Professional - Trainings & Certification Courses in Mumbai

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Thanks to technology, markets have become increasingly competitive and businesses need to constantly equip themselves with the required capabilities to stay relevant in the market to satisfy their customers. In such a scenario, as the human resource in a business is one of the most crucial elements that have the potency to make or break the business, selecting the candidates not only having the right skillsets and professional capability but also the right attitude has become extremely important. This is where our training program to equip human recourse professionals with the adequate psychometric test capabilities can become exceptionally imperative for a business.

Realizing vital role that psychometric tests play in business, we have designed the training program aiming to equip the candidates with all the skills and insights needed to effective implement a range of psychometric tests.

At the completion of the training program, the aspirant will be able to;

·         Understand psychological systems as expounded upon by as Freud, Jung and Adler.

·         Understand the relevance of a range of psychological systems in a choice of business settings.

·         The ways and means in which Thematic Apperception Test can be used in several business contexts as needed.

·         How to effectively utilize the PSI test.

·         Carry out critical assessment of the tests to know if they function as expected

·         Proficiency to make use of all ability/interest tests.

·         Imbibe incredible knowledge of all chief classes of various psychometric tests

·         When and how diverse psychometric tests can be adopted in diverse business settings.


Human resource professionals working various capacities in diverse business sectors can make use of the training program to improve their collective human resource skills. We can, undoubtedly say that the professionals who are on the look out to improve their human resource skillsets will find the training program exceptionally value-adding and rewarding.


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