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Scaled Agile Framework's SAFe® 5.0 Scrum Master Training with SSM Certification Courses in Pune

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Our training program is created to offer exceptional learning experience to participants so that they can become remarkably skilled in various practices, concepts and applications of Scrum in a wide array of SAFe business environments. We have designed the program carefully to make the participants apply the frameworks in large business contexts unlike other traditional Scrum programs that limit its scope to team-level applications. After gaining the exposure at the program, the participants will be able to use various concepts and principles of Scrum and SAFe effective in diverse enterprise settings.

What are the Major Advantages of the Program?

We have designed the program carefully to help all professionals develop better understanding of the SAFe and Scrum frameworks. However, the program will be beneficial to professionals in all the following ways;

·         DevOps  planning and Implementation

·         Offer better knowledge of Scrum and SAFe

·         Guarantee constant improvement

·         Program increment execution

·         Training of Agile teams

·         Iteration planning, implementation and management

·         Conduct Scrum programs

Who can attend the program?

We have designed the training program to help all the professionals who want to improve their skill forte in Scrum and SAFe. However, if you are discharging any of the following roles, this program will benefit you the best;

·         Amateur Scrum Masters

·         All those who want to better understand SAFe

·         Scrum Masters facilitators

·         Manage the team and augment its productivity

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SAFe® Scrum Master Course Schedule in Various Cities:

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