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Scaled Agile Framework's SAFe® 5.0 Scrum Master Training with SSM Certification Courses in Bangalore

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The training program has been created to help various aspirants develop incredible understanding about the responsibilities and duties of a Scrum Master in a business setting that utilizes the principles of SAFe. Unlike many of the traditional Scrum Master certifications that address the scope of Scrum in team capacities, this program involves with training the aspirants to apply the Scrum in a more diverse and wider capacity in the larger SAFe business environment. This is a training program scheduled for two days and will cover all the important and fundamental aspects to make the participants ardent SAFe® Scrum Masters in any enterprise and business setting.

The program aims to make the participants proficient in the following at the end of the program,

·         Effectively describing Scrum in a SAFe enterprise setting

·         Ability to successfully strategize, implement and deliver a trove of Scrum events

·         Become adept in Program Increment realization

·         Proficiently execute of iteration

·         Bring in continuous development and improvement

·         In training and coaching of Agile teams for better ROI

·         Carry out and support the DevOps execution

The training program is created to help the following individuals;

·         All Scrum Masters new in discharging their roles

·         Scrum Masters aspiring to learn better about their roles in a SAFe business setting

·         Team managers and leads wanting to better understand their roles in the Scrum Master business

·         SAFe Release Train Engineers who need to train other Scrum Masters

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SAFe® Scrum Master Course Schedule in Various Cities:

Bangalore    Chennai    Delhi    Hyderabad    Mumbai    Pune        Dubai

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