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Certified Scrum Developer ® (CSD) Training & Certifications in Pune

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Certified Scrum Developer

A Certified Scrum Developer is a person who has appropriate knowledge of Agile Engineering and empirical understanding of Scrum principles. The formal training program for Scrum Development consists of standard training and the appraisal of the technical skills. Software developers and engineers who are hard at work developing various programs in a Scrum setting can effectively use this certification. The training takes the aspirants into the understanding of various methodologies and tools required to create iterative and incremental software programs.

Fundamentals to become a Certified Scrum Developer

A 3-day training program is organized for the aspirants to become a Certified Scrum Developer and the same is imparted by the Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider and our Scrum Alliance Authorized Instructor. There are now, two ways to become a Certified Scrum Developer. After you have finished your training, you will be given a notification for the acceptance of CSD license, and later the certification, which has a validity of two years, will be added to your profile.

The training program

It is important that you need to pass an appraisal to display that you have exceptional understanding of various Scrum and Agile engineering practices. The assessment can be an examination or even be an active classroom-based assessment.

What after certification?

After the training, integrating various principles of Scrum into your professional activities takes thorough diligence, commitment and perseverance. Being Agile is not a course at all, but is a continuous journey. Once you have received the certification, your skills and knowledge can be enhanced by;

· Associating with the Scrum Alliance Community and experience sharing

· Partaking in various gatherings and conferences of the Scrum Alliance

· Becoming a true Certified Scrum Developer yourself

If you aim to advance your career into great heights, our training program can definitely help you become an exceptional Agile software developer as the program is conceived to help you meet your career aspirations, as well.

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