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Certified Scrum Developer ® (CSD) Training & Certifications in Mumbai

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Certified Scrum Developer

Professionals with outstanding knowledge in a wide range of Agile engineering processes and Scrum principles can be called a Certified Scrum Developer. They also would have proficient knowledge in effectively using their knowledge in a range of apposite business circumstances.

It consists of two parts. Of which, one is the prescribed training and second is the consideration of a range of skills in Lean Agile framework. It is with the intention of equipping the professionals with the necessary skills and proficiency to conceive, design and create software programs which are incremental and iterative in its capabilities.

Fundamentals to become a Certified Scrum Developer

All professionals that wish to be a certified scrum developer can undergo the Certified Scrum Developer training program which has duration of three days. It is usually imparted by a team of in-house Scrum alliance authorised instructor and a Scrum alliance registered education provider. At the end of the training program, the trainee will be sent a notification for the acceptance of the certification and after the same, the candidate will be certified which can be added to the profile of the trainee with a validity of two-years.

The future after certification

Though the candidate will be equipped with the understanding of the Scrum framework at the end of the training program, it will take years of practice and learning to effective use the same in various business contexts with exceptional utility.

However, our training program will open the opportunity for the candidate to improve his or her scrum Framework knowledge by the following means;

· Unlimited access to networks, communities and groups of Scrum professionals.

· Get invited into various events, meetings and conferences offered by Scrum communities.

· Utilizing the Scrum knowledge into a range of professional contexts.

For professionals who aspire to become exceptional in Agile framework, our training program can be a great opportunity to enhance their skills.

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