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A Certified Scrum Developer is one who has a working knowledge of Scrum principles and is adept at Agile engineering. The formal training for scrum development is a combination of assessment of technical skills and formal training. It is particularly helpful for software programmers and developers who are developing different software in a Scrum environment. The formal training exposes students to the various tools and methods that are required to develop incremental and iterative software. These are the basics of Agile software development.

Pre-requisites for becoming a scrum developer

To become a CSD, we provide you with a formal training for a minimum of 3 days and this training is imparted by our Scrum Alliance Authorized Instructor and Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider (REP).

Presently, there are two tracks to become a CSD. Once you are with the training, you would receive a notification for accepting the CSD license and then the certification would be added to your profile. A CSD certification has a validity of two years.

The training

During training, you need to demonstrate an in depth understanding of Agile engineering and Scrum practices by passing an assessment. This might be an exam or an active, classroom-based test.

What comes after the certification

Incorporating the Scrum principles in your professional sphere takes commitment, diligence and patience. Becoming Agile is journey that continues for a lifetime. After receiving the certification, you can further enhance your skills and knowledge by:

i. Joining the Scrum Alliance community and sharing your experience.

ii. Attend conferences and gatherings of Scrum Alliance

iii. Become a CSD yourself.

If career advancement is your goal, you can definitely become an Agile software developer with the help of our courses that are prepared keeping your aim in mind.

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