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Project Management - PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner - Trainings & Certification Courses in 'Mumbai'

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Popularly used by the UK for project management, PRINCE2-- acronym for PRojectsIN Controlled Environments is used when an organization wants to have greater control over the allocation and utilization of the resources for the execution of any given project. The method has been developed based on the famous PROMPT project management method. This project management method is widely used in public sector where a project is carried out with more control than a private sector.

We have developed various PRINCE2 training methods and interactive learning sessions that will help the candidate understand the importance of using this method when once has to run constant check on the progress of the project that is being managed. 

Our PRINCE2 training methods would fit senior level management who want to expand the horizon of their PM knowledge and project managers who want to enhance their expertise and to have better employment opportunities.

PRINCE2® Course Schedule in Various Cities:

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