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Project Management - Microsoft® Project - Trainings & Certification Courses in 'Chennai'

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A sound management system ensures that a task is completed in the best possible manner. There are several project management software which tracks the work from beginning till the end. Microsoft project software is one such management software which gives a hassle free solution to all the projects. It is developed and sold by Microsoft. The software assigns various resources to tasks, divides the workload, manages budget and tracks the progress of the project.

Some insights into the inevitability of Microsoft® Project software training programs

The Microsoft software comes in both standard as well as professional editions. There are several training programs for project management - Microsoft® Project in Chennai, where the software is taught to be used and there is a tremendous improvement in it. By mastering this, people no longer have to wait for tasks to be assigned or meet personally to carry out instructions. This technology has made things very simpler and easier.

The Microsoft project software has been launched only after carrying out a deep research. A lot of coding and testing was done before its introduction. It must therefore be apt enough to run a large number of database.
Project 2010:
Project 2013
Project 2016

Whenever there is an edition released, several new features are added. The Project 2010 had user controlled scheduling, timeline, synchronization, team planner view and so on. The Project 2013 focussed mainly on reports as reports are the backbone of an organization. The clipart featured ensured that no longer data has to be exported to another program. The graphical representation is also a clear way to present the data. You can also highlight the task path of any project. The sharing and communication was also made a lot easier in Microsoft 2013.

The project 2016 was an advanced version launched by Microsoft. It has better integration facilities with other Microsoft products. There was an improvement in the appearance of user interface as well. There could be multiple timeline bars in the 2016 edition. Planning is mandatory before assigning the work to the team members. Thus, there are features wherein the project manager and resource manager can discuss and allocate the resources. The theme options are also given to the users. There is help feature wherein you can ask what next has to be done. If you are using earlier version of the project, it can be upgraded to the latest edition provided the server supports it.

Hope this article has been informative to you. The Microsoft® Project in Chennai training programs can surely be helpful for you.

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