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Six Sigma, lean - Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) - Trainings & Certification Courses in 'Bangalore'

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What is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a significantand well-organizedmethod that empowers organizations and administrations to concentrate on forming and bringingto the table excellent products as well as services. The fundamentalnotion is that if you succeed in sorting out the number of defects in a process, it will be easier for you to methodologically sort out a way for eradicating them. This will help you to move towards near-perfect or no-defect phase.

Who can participate in this training program?
This program can be benefited by students as well as professionals who are in a quest to improve their abilities in leading initiatives that are meant for improving processes. Typical participants can include project manager,business/financial analyst, BDM and manufacturing process engineer etc.

Does this program has any eligibility criteria?
One of the best things about this program is that there is no explicit eligibility standards for this course. But you need to have minimum 3 years of working experience in at least one area of Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge. You need to have work experience in a paid and full time role. Co-op, paid intern or any similar course work will not be considered; same is the case with educational waivers.

Is Six Sigma completely about statistics?
Not actually, it is completely about understanding customers and identifying the elements to assure the satisfaction of their needs. Numerical tools are definitely a vitalfragment of Six Sigma; it helps immensely in detecting the problems objectively in the business procedures and apt solutions to solve the problem. Six Sigma aims to find and fix business complicationsleveraging the potential of statistics.

What benefits Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will assure?
Six Sigma benefits everyone who wants to assure efficiency in their business procedures as Six Sigma can be operated on almost all facets of business. By enrolling to this course and successfully accomplishing it, you can make bottom line of your organization to improve drastically. Simultaneously your career graph with soar to greater heights.

Is it ASQ certified or IASSC certified?
NO, there is not any single body (National or International) that certifies or accredits when it comes to Six Sigma courses Though ASQ and IASSC have their own unique Six Sigma prospectus, valuation and analysis processes, they are never the de facto accreditation bodies. As far as an employer’s perspective is considered, he needs professionals who are capable of effectively contributing towards expanding and improving business processes by putting in strategically the different Six Sigma techniques through real-time business projects. Nobody needs a professional who has simply secured a certification from any XYZ body where he has obtained only some theoretical knowledge. Practical application and experience is pivotal.

Courses that we offer are shrewdly designed and they encompass practical edification to the students. The application oriented and completely concrete course has three tactical progressive levels to assist you in the progress towards different planned milestones. We maintain an 8:1 ratio for practice vs. lecture. Also, when the course is completed and you pass the exams, we will guide you for effectively undertaking a live project in your own company, absolutely free of cost. Join our vibrant training workshop if you want to stay in demand in this competitive market place. We invite all those who want to add value to themselves, their employers and the business as a whole by optimal application of Six Sigma techniques.

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