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HR - Compensation n Benefits - Trainings & Certification Courses in Pune

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A successful company cares for its employees, integrating a systematic mechanism for benefits, compensation and rewards. Well, recognition at the workplace is a natural instinct of your employees. Evidently, it is necessary to come up with a compensation and benefit mechanism within your organization, in order to generate a sensation of gratification among the employees. You should understand, that mismanagement of the reward system in your organization can demoralize your employees. Compensations and recognitions for work keep them motivated. However, your HR professionals need certain skills to devise the system of compensating your employees for their performance.

With increased productivity as your primary goal, it is important for you to train up your HR personnel in creating benefit packages. A seamless compensation management ensures that your employees will remain motivated to leverage the productivity of your business.

We have come up with a training program, focusing on the compensation and benefit policies of various companies. After undergoing our Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager training program, the aspirants will gain a detailed knowledge about the following aspects.

·         Different types of compensation, benefits and reward models that can be incorporated on your platform.

·         Integrating diverse compensation philosophies and methodologies in your organization, keeping the end goals at the forefront.

·         Carry out activities like job assessments and job pricing, besides coming up with effective employee compensation and benefit programs.

·         Different types of essential statistical methods used in analyzing relevant data and compensation research.

·         Developing suitable compensation programs for the organization.

·         Understand the principles to assess the performance of employees and determine how they can connect the same to their reward programs.

·         Come up with a variable range of payment systems, customized for specific businesses, based on the performance of their employees.

The training program can benefit the professionals engaged in developing benefits and compensation programs. These include reward consultants, recruitment consultants, payroll managers and other professionals shouldering similar responsibilities.


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