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HR - Compensation n Benefits - Trainings & Certification Courses in Bangalore

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Compensation, benefits and rewards are an important area of human resource management. There is no doubt that the mismanagement of these can unfavorably affect employee satisfaction and their morale. Since employees’ performance is directly linked to their morale and job satisfaction, businesses that want to impress their clients must ensure that their compensation policies are capable of keeping the employees happy and satisfied. In order to do this, certain skills are required by the managers who manage compensation and benefits of the employees.

There is no doubt that an effective reward and benefit package can definitely motivate the employees and thus increase their productivity. However, in order to create a value-adding reward and benefit package, one must know various aspects about compensation management. And this is where our training program can help you immensely.

Aspirants who undergo the Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager training program as designed by us will endow the aspirants with;

· Various essential models of compensation, rewards and benefits as well as total rewards.

· The ability to integrate various compensation philosophies and strategies of the business into the organization HR and goals of the organization.

· The ability to carry out job pricing and job assessments along with their role in designing effectual employee compensation and rewards programs.

· Various important statistical techniques employed in relevant data analysis and compensation research.

· The ability to design pertinent and apposite comprehensive compensation and reward programs.

· The understanding of principles to evaluate performance of employees and how it can be tethered to effective reward programs.

· The ability to develop diverse pay systems based on performance of the employees programs.

This training is intended for anyone who plays a role in creating various compensation and benefits policies such as recruitment consultants, reward consultants, line, business, staff and payroll managers, HR heads/managers and recruitment heads/managers.

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