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Aspire to become Decision makers through HR Analytics:

Organizations are looking for a huge support from the HR Data analytics in order to expand their Business by making timely strategic decisions within the Organization. HR Professional should develop the ability to understand how Business and Human Resources proportional to each other.

Aspirants are expected to possess the basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Statistics to learn about usage of metrics to measure ROI. Professionals who intend to present deeper insights with the data are almost referred as Strategic Partners.

HR Analytics is one of the trending Certifications for the HR professionals where they will learn the necessary skills and techniques to interpret the Organization’s data in order to make better decisions. They will definitely experience a transformation in the way they handle the assignments at work.

Our Workshop will help you in understanding the purpose of HR Analytics and how it can become a value-add in uplifting the Business to greater heights. These workshops are driven by the expertise from various industries holding an experience in HR Department exclusively. The workshops will be helpful in organizing the data, analyze it and present it effectively to get involved in the process of setting up the Benchmark to focus on the Organizational goals. You will get trained in the best practices for HR Analytics in order to make data-driver decisions. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to confidently share the recommendations along with the supportive statistics to the Managing committees of your Organizations.


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