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HR Analytics - Trainings & Certification Courses in Chennai

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The HR department plays a pivotal role in every business, filtering in skilled workforce from the market. Well, the efficiency of your HR personnel determines the success of your business. They need to monitor the existing human resources in your organization by evaluating the performance of your employees. Besides, it is necessary to hire skilled employees from time to time. In order to make the selection process more effective, the HR personnel incorporates various elements of business analytics and HR analytics. The end goal of every business is to add value to the team, by selecting the right professionals.

 We have come up with a specialized HR analytics program, which trains professionals heading the HR department in sorting the right talent into your business. Choosing the best personnel for your business is a daunting task. We can streamline the process by training your personnel with the right mechanism to screen the employees.

Upon completion of the training course, the experts will be able to:

·         Gain a detailed insight into the designing and employment mechanism of HR analytics, in various conditions of the business.

·         Create and support a vast range of Strategy Maps and HR metrics, as and when required.

·         Incorporate various analytical metrics in business, like correlation and regression, besides other business analytics to enhance the productivity of your business.

·         Integrate the necessary indices in important domains of business, such as training and development, compensation programs, recruitment and performance management.

·         Enhance the values of your HR department by integrating a correlation between higher results in business and managing personnel effectively.

Who can benefit from this program?

If you are a human resource executive, shouldering the responsibilities to design and frame policies in recruitment in your organization, you will gain immense benefits from the program. Besides, HR generalists in various businesses can also gain a detailed and advanced knowledge about their roles. The course will enhance your employability to a large extent.


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