Understanding the Art of Being a Trainer

Understanding the Art of Being a Trainer

What do trainers do?

Trainers educate other people to do a specific set of tasks. This talent can be honed in a number of ways. It could be the result of mastering a specific type of craft through learned experience. It could be learned through purposeful education. Or it could have been drawn out of inspiration from the story of a successful businessman. Trainers in a way are people who have gained enough knowledge and experience and are qualified enough to share what they know to a certain group. Trainings could either be formal or informal but the former is preferred in corporate environments.

How valuable are trainers in different industries?

People are an important part in the equation of business success. Even when automation was introduced to different industries, there are tasks that could only be done by human beings alone. Every job needs to be done a certain way. Newly hired employees need to be briefed on how to go about their daily tasks and on what to do if they can’t resolve a problem on their own. Even the most seasoned employee is now considered a newbie if he is working in a different environment. This is where the trainer comes in. The trainer will be responsible in supervising the new employee. Depending on the difficulty of the work, the trainer helps the employee improve his skills needed to perform his tasks. Training materials will be provided and it is now the job of the trainer that these will all be fully understood by the trainee. It is also the job of the trainer to build the image of the company he is working for which, in turn, builds employee loyalty.

What type of skills can be enhanced through training?

There is no limitation as to what set of skills can be enhanced through training. This can be as complicated as troubleshooting a computer or as easy as learning to booting it up. Interpersonal skills such as learning to work in a team could also be enhanced through trainings. Even personal ordeals like the inability to come up with an outstanding speech in an audience could be resolved. In other words, the lack of confidence to do a certain task can be reversed with proper training. This is why it’s essential to have trainers on board in business environments. People working in certain business entity are expected to act as one. The inability of one person to do his job because of insufficient skills can drag the entire work force in performing their best.

Do you have what it takes to be a trainer?

Some of the most successful trainers are not born but made. This profession requires passion and commitment at the same time. You may not have what it takes now but it does not necessarily mean that it should be like that for always. Just like what the successful businessman Donald Trump said in his book “The Art of the Deal”, you must think big. Being a trainer is a profitable job. Many trainers are now enjoying the luxury of travels and giving speeches to some of the most popular corporate environments. If you know something that may be seen as valuable to other people, then you have the potential to become a trainer.

What do you need in order to become an effective trainer?

In order to become a trainer, you must be an expert in a certain field. This will be the very foundation of what you are going to teach. Since you will be dealing with different types of people, it is essential that you are able to adapt depending on their needs. If there is a need to go at a faster or a slower pace will depend upon your spectators. No craft is considered perfect. You must be willing to learn something new all the time in order to break away from stagnation. Lastly, you must have the ability to influence people with your talk. According to Andy Harrington, speech has the power to create change. The content of your speech will only be useful to your spectators if they were able to digest these properly.

Where should you start as a future trainer?

There are books that will give a brief overview on how to create a successful training session such as the “Training for Dummies”. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn your craft on your own. However, you need to consider that companies who employ trainers will look into your resume and consider if you have earned enough credits in order to become one. For starters, there are study programs that will earn you a trainer’s certificate. This will not only look good on your resume but will give you an added boost to your confidence as well.






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