Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance Organization Creating Professional Certified Scrum Leaders

The Scrum Alliance is one of the non profit organizations for professional members. It is created to share the framework of Scrum leading to transformation of the entire work.

  • Scrum Alliance aims to increase the awareness apart from understanding the entire aspect of Scrum.
  • The Scrum Alliance also hosts regular gatherings. It supports the user groups who provide forums that are required for world wide interactive learning process.
  • It also aims to provide required resources to the organization and individuals that are utilizing Scrum. This directly helps in promoting the improvement that forms the basic necessity for a successful Scrum.
  • There are special video clips that can offer a clear glimpse of scrum gatherings. ¬†Scrum alliance utilizes an open space and is generally used for the purpose of university studies.
  • The videos contain latest version of training programs and certification apart from demonstrating the utilization of innovation games to avail the feedback from the community.
  • Every members of the Scrum Alliance is offered an opportunity to become a CSM or CSPO graduate and then become a Certified Scrum Professional, Coach, Trainer or Developer.
  • The fees for first and second years are paid by the trainer of a members and the advance or renewal of certification fees is paid by the then member.
  • In the current year of 2011, Scrum Alliance is facing new challenges and new opportunities both from within and outside world of the global community.
  • In the growing competition, there are also other competitive certifying bodies that are trying their level best to compete and catch on with the race of Scrum certification.
  • Nevertheless to say that scrum certification is considered to be the most valuable and in demand today.

Scrum Alliance helps to support varied local groups of users as well as host the gatherings and subsidize business events. The entire work is efficiently handled by the team of expert staff that is wide spread globally in recent times.

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