The new era of reusing or sharing digital learning contents by Utilizing SCORM

One of the best ways to manage material or contents in any organization is to utilize the SCORM. The Shareable Content Object Reference Model is the creation of ADL that specifies ways to describe and pack various interactive materials used for learning process.

SCORM is generally available in zipped packages and contain a wide database of e-learning information contents.

  • SCORM is installed on several servers as per the documents considering organization policy and requirements.
  • Any development team may require managing a huge quantity of package of SCORM. The metadata of SCORM is far easily available and searchable on net.
  • All that users need to do is to view all the contents before they have finally decided to download or export it to their computer systems.
  • SCORM contains a good collection of specification and standards that are acquired from numerous resources that further allows the process of accessibility along with possibility to reuse digitally recognized learning materials.
  • It allows e-learning content to be positioned in a system of management learning as well as assemble it along with compliant e-learning material in order to directly bring over best-of-breed components and learning process together.
  • In case your organization has any future plans for up gradation of the training system, you can seriously look in for SCORM. One of the best ways to start with the process of SCORM is to begin from end product.
  • SCORM is usually delivered in the package of format known as Package Interchange.
  • The recent edition of SCORM also ensures to integrate digital contents to any management system of learning irrespective of its manufacturers.
  • SCORM is also considered as an opening door for creating digital repositories as well as collecting sharable or reusable content available online.

Although SCORM sounds complicated, yet the desired outcome of it is much simple. This is more, because SCORM facilitates to reuse or share digital learning contents among several educators.


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