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Database certification program is one of the best career credentials for the database administrators. In related industry it is considered as the standard by many employers. Those who want to acquire best competence over database management this certification program is the best professional career enhancement option for them. However the most acclaimed data administration certification courses are conducted by industrial organizations and vendors, and it is indeed one of the smart career advancement plans for data base administrators.

Database Certification Courses

Most database certificate courses are vendor-specific, so if a professional wants to earn a certification from the company he wish to work with in future, it is 100% possible. Let’s take a brief look at the Database Certificationbadges available from the chief vendors.

If a MySQL user professional want to pursue database certificate courses, there are prime 4 certifications available for his advanced career graph:

  • MySQL Associate (CMA) certification needs passing an exam and confirms to the owner’s information of basic MySQL knowledge.
  • MySQL database administrators may get the Certified MySQL Database Administrator (CMDBA) certification by going through2-level of advanced examinations.
  • Likewise, MySQL developers may get the Certified MySQL Developer (CMDEV) qualification with 2 development-focused exams.
  • Lastly, CMDBA owners may upgrade to MySQL Cluster accreditation by qualifying through a single supplementary exam.

On the other hand, if a Microsoft shop professional wants to pursue database certificate courses, he/she should consider one of these certification courses:

  • If a database professional maintains Microsoft Access databases for his/her organization, the best database credential for him is the course related to Microsoft Office Specialist Access Track. This is single exam certification encompassing basic knowledge of Microsoft Access 2003 and Access XP topics. Users of Access 2007 should make for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) program.
  • The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) qualification is the entry-level accreditation for SQL Server professionals. The qualification emphases on SQL Server 2012 skills and need going through 3 consecutive exams.
  • The Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer (MCSE) qualification is the leading endorsement for SQL Server administrators. It comes in two variants: a path highlighting on database platforms and the other path highlights for business intelligence professionals.

For Oracle professional specific database certification

For Oracle professionals, Oracle database certified programs will be the best option as per their job requirement.  Oracle’s program includes three levels of certification, and these are

  • Oracle  Certified Associate (OCA),
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Oracle  Certified Master (OCM).

Each accreditation is version-specific, so those who want to upgrade their certification much check the database certification course in accordance to their professional work type or according to his career road map.

Eligibility of database administrator

  • Age range-between 25-40 years of age
  • Basic certification and practical experience,
  • A degree in computer science/information science/ or related information technology.

The benefits for pursuing database certification

Besides career advancement there are manifold benefits of availing database certification program. Some of these benefits are:

  • This course will add extra weightage in your credential: that enhances the potential for getting better job opportunities.
  • This training course will broaden your knowledge and will keep you resume apart from other candidates of your category.
  • Companies require support for custom MS-SQL installations hire certified database administrator: a certified data base administrator has wide range of professional scope with them.
  • Give a professional required credibility amidhis/her peers as an Oracle Certified Associate or Oracle Certified Expert.
  • Help a professional in mastering multifaceted features and tasks to upsurge presentation.
  • Learning the way to write intricate SQL queries to achieve data and report on it in a variation of ways.
  •  Learning the way to create, back up, reinstate, enhance, and analyze database performance problems.
  • Gaining expertise over analyzing data-related business questions for creating a data warehouse from zero-level.
  • Managing all queries related to a data warehouse in order to reply mutual business questions.

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