Primeavera is one of the most renowned software solutions that is meant to enhance the efficiency of project management solution by offering comprehensive enterprise Project Portfolio Management. This has come much in the help of project intensive industries.

This software is aimed to meet the mission critical PPM requirements of a variety of heavy construction industries like that of engineering and construction, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, and IT and services.

Description & Benefits

Primevera Project Portfolio Management solution is aimed to provide the best-in-offer resources to enable the end user with superior project execution and management capabilities that are very much required for the prompt delivery of the desired projects and that too in a cost effective manner.

An Easy Accessibility: The software application provides an easy access to all the employees of the related organisation that has employed the services of Primavera across all of the platforms, allowing them to plan, reschedule, and control all of their the ongoing projects.

Cost-effective: As the inception of this project management solution do not attract any such start-up costs and also promises to reduce the cost of any IT service provider’s monthly charges, Primevera has been successful in sourcing a lot of enthusiastic applauds all throughout the world.

Scalability: The programme is well equipped with a rich interface that enables the project leaders to visualise the performance of the project as against that of the projected plan, and if necessary, to make certain alterations to achieve the desired outcome.

Consider Alternatives: The application is programmed in such a manner that the users can preview a clear picture of the possible outcome if the alternatives are put into work. This facility is sure to calculate and redesign an ongoing project in a better way, thereby working in an efficient manner to accomplish the desired result.

Agility: Regardless of the volume of the projects that are to be managed, Primavera allows the end users to plan and control their ongoing projects in a more convenient and also comfortable manner.

It was way back in the year of 1983 that the Primavera software was developed by Primevera Systems Inc of USA, a company headed by Joel Koppelman and Dick Faris. Later on it was taken over by the IT giant, Oracle in the year of 2009.

Ranging all throughout the years of 1983 to 1994, the various available versions of P3 to P6 of this application has witnessed a transformation of the DOS-type keys to mouse based icons. It is ultimately in December, the 31st 2010 that Oracle has eventually put an end to the Primavera P3 and SureTrak Project Planner.

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