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CSM stands for Certified Scrum master. Scrum is a responsive method that can be applied to almost all projects however this method is mostly used the process of software development. This scrum process is best applicable for projects with high dynamics or with highly sophisticated development. Scrum software development moves ahead via a set of iterations, which re called sprints and each of these sprints last for 1-4 weeks. The scrum model proposes that each of these sprints stars with a brief meeting for planning and ends with a review. The scrum master deals with entire scrum project and CSM Certifications authenticates an accreditation of a professional for managing well as a scrum project.

The role of scrum masters

  • The Scrum Master is the leader who conducts, motivates, and coordinates his scrum team. His good understanding of the framework and ability to train his team members certifies his quality as a leader.
  • The Scrum Master assists the product owner in understanding the best way to create and maintain the product backlog. The scrum master also coordinates with development team for finding and implementation of the technical practices required at the end of each sprints.
  • A Scrum Master is responsible for removal of impediments for the sake of team’s progress. These impediments can be of external type or of internal category. In other words, a scrum master fosters his organization.
  • The Scrum Master may assist is arranging meetings and constantly acts as the coach for the Scrum team, assisting in executing the Scrum process.
  • The Scrum Master retains the Scrum team on track, creative, and emergent in ability.
  • The Scrum Master is accountable for confirming that Scrum is properly understood and right in place.
  • The Scrum Master helps everyone improve to make the Scrum team more productive. 

Requirement for CSM Certification

  • In order to earn your CSM certification, you have to take a CSM course from a certified scrum trainer and then you have to prove your progress via online CSM test.
  • The first step toward CSM Certification is developing acquaintance with scrum. Once your 2 day training with scrum trainer will be over you need to seat for CSM test.
  • After qualifying scrum test you will be asked for official acceptance of scrum agreement and then your Scrum membership profile will be completed.

 Overview of Scrum courses

Certified ScrumMaster course – ScrumMaster certification is the first step on the Scrum journey of a professional, where he learns the key principles and practices for making a resilient impact to his/her team’s efforts.

Certified Scrum Product Owner –  Scrum is all about supplying striking outcomes, but firstly, a product owner is required to set objective goals to the development team & stakeholders. CSPO training teaches a professional how to fix those goals and effectively work with the team all through the project.

Certified Scrum Developer – The CSD certification sets a professional apart from the crowd by displaying the comprehensiveness of a professional about Scrum principles and particular Agile engineering skills to managers, teams, and the organization.

Certified Scrum Professional – This specialized training imparts basic guidelines for learning basic concepts, principles, and practices a professional may need for fulfillment of his role on the Scrum team. The CSP credential identifies that the certified professional has reached the subsequent level of experience and expertise through hard work,time, and continuous learning.

Benefits of CSM Certification

  • A CSM certified professional will be able to play the role of ScrumMaster or Scrum team member. Through the entire certification process he will learn acomprehensiveness of the Scrum framework, including team roles, activities, and artifacts.
  • With the CSM certification, a professional will have entrée to local user groups, additional resources, and online social networks.
  • It is a highly rewarding professional career with global exposure and greet financial benefits.

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