Certified Ethical Hacker

Importance of a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

You saved some very important data yesterday and logged-in today to access it. But you find yourself exploring every drive of your system to find that data but fail to do so. The most probable reason may be that someone attacked your system with malicious intentions and your data fell prey to it. To save your organization from such intruders, importance of CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) training is gaining impetus worldwide. A Certified Ethical Hacker holds the reins of network and system security tightly in his hands. CEH v7 is the latest addition to this certification. With CEH training, a security professional is certified as an Ethical Hacker as well as a Penetration Tester. Read-on to know more about the merits CEH holds in store.


Before stepping forward to join this course, you should hold the following qualifications-

In-depth knowledge of TCP/IP

A year of experience to handle Linux /Windows/Unix systems or expertise equivalent to the same

CEH v 7

Certification of ethical hacking version 7 provides you training in an interactive infrastructure. Here you are trained rigorously about testing, scanning, hacking and securing data using their own systems. The hands on lab environment enables you to gain flawless skills and proficiency with essential and latest security systems. Your training commences on the point of explaining perimeter defenses. After that you are trained to ethically hack your own networks. This way, you get practical experience to hack on ethical lines without harming any real network.
You also learn to trace the attackers steps and learn how they escalate privileges. In addition, you learn about Policy Creation, DDoS Attacks, Virus creation, Intrusion Detection, Buffer Overflows and Social Engineering.

Merits of CEH

CEH endows organizations with a bouquet of benefits that include –

CEH certification armors you with abilities to hit the loopholes and weak points of systems and networks and safeguard them against illegal hacking.

As web servers and computer networks are increasingly susceptible to security menaces, CEH training has become inevitable.

It puts such a lock system on your networks and servers which can’t be unlocked by any sort of master key a malicious hacker tries to insert in it. You can zip the systems by playing on the lines of a hacker.

With a CEH degree, you can use various mechanisms for testing and penetrating computer systems and networks.

Certified Ethical Hacker (also read┬áthe top 5 reasons to go for CEH training) acts like an umbrella which protects systems and networks from the heavy downpour of intruder activity that causes huge pits and holes in servers and computers of an organization. Koenig Solutions – the leading company offering ultimate offshore and onshore IT training provides CEH training at its centers. The company holds hands with EC Council being its Accredited Training Partner. So, before marching ahead to establish yourself in IT security domain, go for this certification. You will be certainly giving wings to your career.


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