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Top notch technological advancements have facilitated simplification of complex lifestyles by providing user friendly applications that bring the consumer world closer. What if you could bring various functions like PC applications, mobile technology, payment tools, GPS services etc under one common platform? The answer to this lies with the a mind blowing software known as the Android, a mobile operating platform which was first developed by Android Inc. and later on bought by Google and launched in 2005. It functions on the Google operating system, boasting of an unprecedented ability to support multiple networks with its spontaneous design features that enable development of a host of applications.

The system has been created using Java language which never fails to incite developer’s interests since it facilitates third party applications to be built upon the Android platform. An exclusive feature of this software is that all applications run independent of each other. Each are assigned unique Id’s that are activated on turning on the system. What’s more, scores of different applications numbering to almost 100,000 can be downloaded from the Google online store anytime.

Within a short span of time, Android application development has scurried into innumerable areas like development of 3D games through integration with 3D graphics API. Most of these development tasks are executed through a distinctive platform known as Android SDK (Software Development Kit) provided by Google. Its high end inbuilt features and easy flexibility options assure the developer of quality applications. Apart from this, a vast array of functions like libraries, debugger for pulling up bugs, tutorials etc are part of the system.

Various other technologies like Flash Player 10.1, Motion Sensor, Google Voice Search, multi touch, gyroscopes etc ,only to name a few, are also supported by the android. For the novice developer, another platform known as the Android App. Inventor has been provided which is a user friendly application that requires no technical knowledge.

The Smartphone which took the market by storm inculcates android operating system and is growing at a steady rate, emerging as the best mobile phone operating system of the year 2010. Best known and fast moving brands like Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorola and many more are endorsing android actively.

Phones manufactured by Android application development focusing on dual core processing surpass all other platforms in terms of battery life and performance. The same can be said about Tablet Pc’s using the android which supports a number of applications essential for efficient and quick business operations. Numerous Accounting software, Office Suites, MIS Reporting, PDF reader, Industry Apps etc can be made available on a larger display panel.

You have the option of outsourcing your Android application development to experts capable of incorporating all necessary applications into your mobile phone platform. Custom development of such apps will help to create your unique brand of goods and services. Imagine using your cell phone as an online payment tool, just like a credit card for meeting expenses!

Thus the Android software is definitely the current rage in the software industry leaping into newer functional areas and applications by the day.

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