Mobile Learning

What about Mobile Learning?

The ultimate form of mobile revolution is here with a bang! 7 out of every 10 people of the world today carry this communication gadget in their individual pockets. With this growing trend, mobile phones are today emerging as a powerful learning tool.

As the modern day mobile phones perform at par with that of the personal computers of the mid-90s, these devices are successfully used today as the media for learning. This adoption of neo-age technology enables a learner to access to the contents anytime he or she wishes to.

One of the chief objectives of mobile learning is to facilitate the mobility of the learner to some great extent. This process, therefore, includes a wide array of gadgets. Some of the most notable gizmos that are widely used in this learning process are mobile phones, mp3 players, PDAs, tablet pcs, etc.

One of the greatest advantages of mobile learning is that it is accessible from anywhere. Just like any other form of e-learning, mobile learning also is highly collaborative in nature. As the process of sharing of the available content is almost instantaneous, receiving of feedback and tips also occur instantly.

Along with the advantage of portability, today mobile learning has replaced the text books with certain micro chip sets to make one feel the world at his or her fingertips.

Mobile learning can also provide an essential support structure that enhances business training in a corporate field or in any other classroom environment. Those personnel who are closely involved in hectic field work, like the sales executives or site engineers, who do not wish to waste their time in trainings and seminars can benefit from this process.

Mobile learning can also be used as a useful medium to eradicate illiteracy and develop a habit of participation in educational programs.


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