Are there any certification courses in Software Engineering ?

Software Engineering

The year of 1940s mark the introduction of computers. Since then the entire mankind has witnessed a major transformation in every spheres of a contemporary life. Ranging widely from education to entertainment, from trade and finance to transport, nowadays a software plays an undeniable role in just any sector. This eventually ushered in to the need of software development that would aptly befit any individual requirement to the very best.

Banking on this very reason that millions are spent today on what is known as software engineering. This branch of study revolves around the research and development of the coding of a particular software so that it has all the necessary qualities of superior quality, more affordability, maintainable, and also faster to build.


The disciplines that defines software engineering in the most appropriate way is pointed out in a more elaborate manner as below:

1. Requirement: This involves an adept analyses, induction, and validation of the related software requirements.

2. Design: This is specifically done with the help of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools and use Unified Modeling Language (UML).

3. Development: This includes the construction of software by using the programming languages.

4. Testing: The techniques that are used herein incorporate, but are not limited to, identifying the errors or other defects, if any by executing the related programme or application.

5. Quality Analyses: This process conforms and monitors the quality of the design as also as the efficiency of the related application or programme as per one or more regulatory standards.

6. Maintenance: This discipline deals with the systematic attempt of identifying the problems and perform the necessary upgradation to negate those issues in a certain software.

7. Management: This includes a thorough and structured approach of managing the complex codes of a software in a more standardised manner.

Organisations Promoting Software Engineering

Sensing the world wide craze of software engineering, there have evolved a lot of organisations that promote the popularity of the same. Below given the name of the couple such organisations:

1. European Software Institute: This technological centre is launched as an initiative of the European Commission along with the Basque Government and other leading European IT companies. The ESI aims in providing the global clientele with a high quality software, and that too in a prompt manner and also at a lower cost.

2. Software Engineering Institute: This is a federally funded research and development centre that is headquartered in the Pennsylvania, USA. This organisation has also offices in Arlington, Virginia of USA and Frankfurt in Germany and works closely with similar industries and academia through collaborative research programmes.

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