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Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) - Trainings & Certifications in Bangalore

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Organizations adapt various project management practices to ensure that projects are completed in the stipulated time complying with all the quality metrics. Scrum is a set of practices and tools that help teams to quicken service and product delivery, continuous improvement and quick adaptation to change. In the eyes of an organization that does not want to compromise on customer satisfaction, CSMs are priceless.

Our Certified Scrum Master® programs will help teams use Scrum effectively to improve the possibility of overall success and improvement of the project execution activities. As a CSM, one will be able to function effectively as a Scrum Master or Scrum team member. Our program will help a candidate understand the Scrum Framework including different roles, activities and other artifacts.

CSM Course Schedule in Various Locations:

Bangalore    Chennai    Delhi-NCR    Hyderabad    Mumbai    Pune    Dubai

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