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Technology - Microsoft® .Net, Exchange, Sharepoint, AD, Windows - Trainings & Certification Courses

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As a humongous IT giant, Microsoft® understands the requirement of an organization better than anyone else. The product lines they have created over the decade to support the developer and programming community is incredible. They have created simple and easy to use enterprise applications that will make the life of an employee much easier than it used to be.

There are unique and one-of-a-kind training courses for Microsoft® technologies that will train you in everything you need to know about all the Microsoft® Technologies.There are modules that will help understand the basics of .Net in the process of programming how and why it can help your organization better utilize its efforts, money and human resource to develop software applications.


Similarly, the modules will train how you can make use of applications like SharePoint effectively for document management, MS Exchange for emails and Active Directory for user management.The training programs will help developers, designers, programmers and leadswho want to refine their skills.

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