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Salesforce Training, Certification Courses

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Salesforce Administrator Certification Training

Our Salesforce administrator certification training aims to fortify the candidates with everything they need to know to effective utilize the Salesforce platform so as to deliver maximum value for the customers along with improving the productivity and efficiency of the business activities. The training program specifically prepares the candidates to manage, administer and customize the platform to the specific and unique requirements of the business. Upon completing the training the candidates will be proficient to clear the test for Salesforce certification in the first attempt.

Why Salesforce Administrator Certification Training?

Our training program is carefully crafted and designed to provide the candidates with all the knowledge to operate the platform effectively. Undergoing the training, the candidates will be;

·         Able to effortlessly, set up, configure and administer all the Sales and Service Cloud in the platform.

·         Able to get profound details on all the operating user groups such as management, marketing, outside sales, inside sales and customer support.

·         Execute all such important functions such as automation, security and debugging, data validation and customize applications to fit the requirements of the business.

·         Effectively configure user-interface as deemed fit by the organization.

Why get the training from us?

When it comes to training and the quality of the training, the agency delivering the training is very crucial. As such, we are in better position that most other training companies in the professional training spectrum of India to offer top-notch Salesforce training. We have unmatched experience in delivering training to a wide range of businesses and individuals from diverse industry sectors. Our unique modules encompassing all the latest updated and changes in the platform will ensure that the candidates get all the exposure they need to master Salesforce and make use of the opportunities and possibilities it presents.

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