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Software Development - SDLC, Software Estimation - Trainings & Certification Courses

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A discipline in Engineering in which we will understand and learn the different phases involved in the software development cycle to develop any Software Product. The entire flow needs to follow a systematic flow to ensure that an efficient and a highly reliable Software product is delivered to the Customer. Applying the various well-defined principles and methodologies of Engineering for the development of the software is considered as Software Engineering.

Software Engineering – Systematic flow to develop software:

It is important to understand that the every software undergoes a complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process to develop efficient Software. The process starts by gathering the required information to define the functionality of the software. Once the requirements are frozen, one Team also gathers to analyze various other parameters of the software, which includes the scope, limitations and impact of the Software at the organizational level so that the Team can plan the timelines and resources appropriately. The next phase is to come up with the high-level design document which consists of the flow diagrams to exhibit the relations between the components. Once the Design document is approved, Developers in the Team will start coding as per the timelines to deliver a defect-free code. Once Coding is completed, an exhaustive level of Testing is done by the Testing team in the various stages to provide assurance for reliable software. Once it is declared as defect-free, the Software is ready for the implementation to the User’s machines. Our task doesn’t end here; we also need to maintain the Software by making timely updates to the code based on the varying end-user environment and the technology.

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