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Developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows and Mac Operating system, Microsoft Excel is an application about spread sheet. Popularly known as Excel, it features calculation, pivot tables, graphing tools, and a specific macro program language called applications for Visual Basic. An integral part of Microsoft office, this application replaced Lotus 1-2-3 in and around 1993.

The size of the data sheet had a limitation till the version 7 of Excel was the latest version available in market. Since the launch of version 8 to version 12, each Excel spread sheet can accommodate 1048576rows andtotal 16384 numbers of columns.

  • Advance Excel/FM

    From December 21, 2017 11:00 until December 22, 2017 15:00
    • At: Can be conducted anywhere in India or World as per client need
    • Categories: Advanced MS Excel, Finance - Financial Modelling
    • Tags: Corporate Training Module
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    • At: Online - Across World
    • Categories: Advanced MS Excel
    • Tags: Online Interactive Virtual training, Elearning, Duration: 180 days, Self-paced learning, High Quality Content
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