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An organization must continuously strive to improve the products and services so as to keep its customers loyal. There are several checks on each process before the final product is out. Total Quality Management is one such field which helps the organization to make the products better at each stage. There are several tools and techniques under Total Quality Management. It had a great significance during 1980s and 1990s, but today ISO, Lean Management and Six Sigma are more preferred.

Total Quality Management and the impact it can create:

During the 1980s time, Japan gave a stiff competition to America in terms of high and quality oriented goods. The impact of high productivity was such that United Kingdom and Europe had to import the goods from Japan. This was a challenge to the entire globe. People wanted to understand the tools and techniques that Japan had which made them a world leader in terms of productivity. Thus, a huge research was conducted on the tools and techniques and they found out that the huge produce was due to TQM. There isn’t any proof about the coining of the word Total Quality Management, however, it is assumed that United States was the first Nation to have coined it. This technique was in US Navy as well and there was a significant change in the entire process.
Features of TQM:
Quality is the most preferred outcome that every consumer looked upon. Thus, during 1980s, quality was defined by the requirements of the customers.
Quality improvement was the sole responsibility of the top management as there were several processes involved in it.
Systematic analysis and improvement in work progresses led to an increase in the quality of the work.
Quality is an unending process and it needs constant monitoring. It is a continuous process and must be carried out throughout the organization.

Thus, Total Quality Management has huge impact on an organization. It is not a new concept and has proved several results in the past. The Impression of the tools and techniques of TQM was such that almost all the organizations started using it. And it was applicable in all the sectors irrespective of the nature of the work. The impact was such that most of the business schools started including Total Quality Management in their syllabus. Most of the organizations started training employees in this respective field. Today there are several institutes offering various certificate programs in the same. Hope this article has been informative to you. Do share your feedback with us.

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