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Six Sigma, lean - Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) - Trainings & Certification Courses

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The 6-Sigma Black Belt certification unites 6-sigma with practical data analysis. The certification training offers all its recipients an exhaustive insight at the troubleshooting methodology authenticated by 6-sigma norms and parameters.

It runs on the principle of DMAIC, which means detect the problem, measure prime aspects, analyze available data, improve the method, and control the next workflow. Students of this certification program also get hand-on experience about distribution and project development method.

Students after completion of the certification,may expect to:
•    Contribute in the development of a positive Six Sigma program,
•    Enjoy the ability to lead a team applying DMAIC methodology and team building skills.
•    Apply and understand the elementary and advanced tools, as needed, for project definition, method baseline analysis, method improvement, as well as method control for elimination of discrepancies.

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