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Minitab® Training, Certification Courses

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Minitab Training

With immense opportunities and possibilities in a range of fields for case studies, our Minitab training will help candidates become a Minitab 17 Pro who can aptly use the same in diverse projects in Six Sigma. The course is designed in such a way that the candidates get exceptional understanding of the most recent version of the highly sought-after statistical tool Minitab® 17. This will help both Green Belt and Black Belt professionals of Lean Six Sigma to excel in effectively using the tool to carry out a wide variety of statistical activities.

Why Minitab Training?

The Minitab training has been conceived to endow the candidates with the most relevant and unique understanding the robust tool that is Minitab. Once the training is finished, the candidates will be able to;

·         Carry out all types of processes related to operating key statistical data analyses with the help of Minitab.

·         Export relevant data pieces and fields a range of Microsoft Office applications

·         Understand and use diverse statistical tools to carry out several quality projects

·         Realize, analyze and remove all sorts of pitfalls that might come during various data analysis stages

·         Learn various statistical topics and/or tools required to execute diverse projects in Green and Black belt

Why Minitab Training With Us?

·         Having trained thousands of students and professionals, we are adept to train candidates and meet even the most specific training requirements of the training group.

·         All the training materials and modules that we use are carefully designed to meet all the requirements of the clients effectively.

·         Our trainers have immense exposure in making use of the tool in real-life scenarios to carry the practical learnings to the candidates of effectively.

Minitab is one of the most desired statistical analytical tools used by organizations to drive effective data insights that can help them make strategic business decisions. As such, the training is apposite for several Quality professionals, analysts, engineers, managers, supervisors and auditors who want to build their career further.

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