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ITIL Intermediate - Service Strategy (SS) - Trainings & Certification Courses

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Technology is always developing and there are drastic changes to it. If you do not upgrade yourself with this technology, you are sure to lose the market. People prefers simpler solutions to complicated problems and not vice-versa. The Service Strategy (SS) qualification is one amongst the five ITILService Lifecycle modules which is mandatory to be learnt. It has several modules that will guide you to design, develop, and implement service provider strategy, which will completely align with the organizational strategy.

ITIL Intermediate -Service Strategy and the need of it:

A plan is a must, be it for a product or service. Most of the organizations focus only on product strategy such that they tend to ignore the service strategy. The projects are getting complicated every day. An organization must adopt service strategy so that their IT team is just not concerned with technical works, but also with the business as a whole. This will result in better communication and better understanding of work amongst the team members.

There are several ITIL levels that has different course modules. You need certain qualifications to complete each level. The credits must be earned to reach a certain level. The ITIL expert level is the highest level which will make you a subject matter expert. The people working in the following areas can opt for ITIL Intermediate -Service Strategy:
• People who are into IT sector and are completely into IT Management
• People who deals with IT Finance Management
• People who takes care of supplier relationship management.

However, it is not mandatory that everyone who is in IT sector must pursue this course. It depends upon individual goals and objectives. But, once you have made you mind to get into it, you need to seriously prepare for it. The examination patterns may vary. As of now, there are multiple choice question answers. There will be just eight questions per paper. A minimum of 28 marks is required to pass each paper, which means 40% is the pass mark. The time limit for each paper would be 90 minutes.

There are several sample papers which can be referred while preparing for the exam. These sample papers will give you an idea on the type of questions that might be asked. At the same time, do not be dependent on these sample papers. Do go through the entire syllabus and clear the attempt. Please share your feedback on the article along with your experience on service strategy and their levels.

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