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There is no doubt that a business’s success is always in the hands of the human resource of the organization. As such, persistently improving the expertise of the employees is really important for the organization’s growth and future.  Regardless of the industry vertical a business operates in, training is the best option to improve the skills and competence of the work force. Keeping this in mind, we have created the training program with the intent to help various organizations train and develop their employees effectively.

The learning and development training program aims to blend various concepts of training and development in various business setups so that every business can ubiquitously take advantage of the same to improve the performance levels and productivity of the employees.

The training program will help the aspirants to;

·         Learn about various learning and development concepts, ideas, techniques and methodologies that can be effectively utilized in diverse organizational contexts.

·         Get trained in all the related areas with the help of an impeccably conceived and designed program.

·         Interact, converse and be trained by various expert trainers and facilitators who have firsthand experience in the market training several groups of people from diverse industry verticals.

·         Get access to an in-depth and detailed courseware and support modules.

·         Create, develop and nurture effective networks with different professionals from diverse business contexts to get a multi-faceted training experience.

·         Improve the chances of your employability by branding and marketing yourself as a trained and certified learning and development manager.

After attending the training program, the aspirant will be able to conduct and create various training initiatives to identify the training and development requirements of their business in order to develop their workforce as needed.


All those who work closely with human resource of an organization such as HR professionals, executives, managers, line supervisors and even trainers can make use of this excellent training program.


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HR - Learning and Development Course Schedule in Various Cities:

Bangalore    Chennai    Delhi    Hyderabad    Mumbai    Pune        Online/E-learning

  • Certified Learning & Develpoment Analyst

    From February 22, 2020 09:00 until April 12, 2020 18:00
    • At: Online - Across World
    • Categories: HR - Learning & Development
    • Tags: E-learning course, Online Self Learning
    • View Details and Book
  • The L&D Professional Certification Course by ISTD

    From March 06, 2020 until March 07, 2020
    • At: Online - Across World India
    • Categories: HR - Organizational Development, OD Specialist, HR - Learning & Development, HR - Employee Engagement & Development
    • Tags: Online Interactive Virtual training, Duration 2 Days
    • View Details and Book
  • NLP Business Practitioner (Training & Coaching)

    From March 21, 2020 09:30 until March 26, 2020 17:00
    • At: Bangalore
    • Categories: Leadership Development, Coaching & Strategy, HR - Learning & Development, Coaching, NLP - Practitioner Certification, NLP - Other Programs, Management - Business Management
    • Tags: Classroom training, Duration 6 Days
    • View Details and Book
  • Certified Learning and Development Manager Program

    From March 28, 2020 09:00 until March 29, 2020 18:00
    • At: Bangalore
    • Categories: HR - Learning & Development
    • Tags: Classroom training, Duration 2 Days
    • View Details and Book
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