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Human Resource is a mandatory department in all the firms and it plays a very important role in the functioning of the company. There are several Human Resource (HR) - Online/E-learning Programs that can help the professionals to make a strong career in this field.

Career options in HR
Here are few careers that one can make in Human Resource:
Human Resource Manager:
It is a high level post and a well-paid profile as well. The Human Resource Manager gets to interact with the people, help employees, form strategies, conduct trainings and so on. They also need to carry out activities like leading the hiring process, conducting induction programs, train new employees, sorting out of labour disputes and so on.
Human Resource Consultant:
If you do not want to be a full time employee and want to work with several companies, you can become an HR consultant. You can render your services on hourly basis or any criteria agreeable by both parties and charge them accordingly. This includes specialization in employee benefits, mergers & acquisitions, retirement plans, recruitment and so on.
International Human Resources Professional:
If you love traveling and want to know the culture of other countries, you must make a career in International HR. Your role would involve recruiting people globally, training employees as per international standards, implementing benefit plans and so on. If you a people oriented person this career is just for you and you will love it.
Training & Development Manager:
If you love teaching and motivating people, you must be a trainer. You can conduct soft skill trainings, workshops, conferences, motivational speeches and so on. You can change the lives of many people by inspiring them. Also, this career is lucrative.

Hope this article has been informative to you. You can search specific Human Resource (HR) - Online/E-learning Programs and join them. Make a career out of your passion and you will be successful. There are many institutes offering such courses but enrolling with the best one will only fortify you with the needed skills.
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