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Big data, Analytics & Hadoop - Spark with Scala - Trainings & Certification Courses

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Spark is an apache based and open source analytics cluster computing framework that many large organizations use to base its daily business operations. Since the entire framework is the backbone that supports the functioning of the entire organization, there has to be enough professionals who understand the workings of the same. There are many advantages of using Spark over other analytics cluster computing frameworks.

SCALA stands for Scalable Language which can be used to script various commands and one-liners for the effective functioning of various systems that are used in an organization. One of the most desirable advantages of SCALA is that they are highly customizable—a feature that many scripting languages do not offer.

Here we offer numerous training programs focused entirely on the practical utilities and system management techniques. Combined with effective interactive and live training sessions, ours is a result oriented traininginitiative which benefitted numerous Spark and SCALA management professionals.

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